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Recordings from the 2019 Widows & Widowers Conference

Keynote Address: The Road

Keynote Address: On my Own, But Not Alone – Going Forward in Faith

Keynote Address: Lead Me to the Rock That Is Higher Than I

Going from Zero to Functional When It Is More Than Grief: Empowering Families Coping with Mental Illness, Chronic
Illness, and Trauma Many have more on their plates than grief.
How a widow and her children used skills they had
learned from 7 years of counseling to manage other illnesses (mental and physical) before grief hit, and how they
incorporated that knowledge into their already-complicated lives which were now even more complicated because of
grief. Discussion will include managing anxiety, triggers, and PTSD; loss of energy levels; widow’s fog; different styles
of grieving for all family members; planning; and empowering yourself to become strong.

Helping Children Deal with Difficult Emotions and Develop Resilience Recognizing grief in our children can be difficult. It often looks like other things such as misbehavior, stubbornness, anger, anxiety, etc. Helping our children identify
their feelings and what to do with those feelings will help them move through their grief in healthy ways. They will develop resilience, creating positive outcomes in their lives in spite of the devastating loss they experienced. We will explore ideas and tips to help our children develop these skills. Practical resources and references that can be used at
home and school will also be shared.

Rebuilding a Foundation of Faith: Feel…Fill…Heal
Because no one’s journey is exactly the same, there is no cookie
cutter formula to rebuild, survive, or thrive after loss. This class, however, will cover steps and formulas that, if
personalized and followed as the Spirit dictates, truly can liberate and set you on a healthier path to Christ and help
you access His ability to bring short-term as well as long-term peace and healing.

When Grief Is Complicated by Traumatic Loss: A Discussion about Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing
There are many things that can complicate the grief process, such as suicide, previous loss, a difficult marriage, divisive
family relationships, infidelity, guilt, and depression (just to name a few). For some who are navigating complex
questions and fears, even gospel truths that usually bring comfort, such as teachings about forever families and
binding covenants, can cause confusion and fear. Learning that we are not alone, gathering additional resources, and
taking steps toward forgiveness of ourselves and others can help us to heal and find peace even when we have many
unanswered questions. We will discuss how to navigate the grief process when additional stumbling blocks stand in
our way.

Grief and Trauma Resources

Audio Recording:

My God Is a Rock: How Music Can Lead Us to the Healer
Music is both a curse & a blessing in the lives of those grieving from loss of a loved one….sometimes tears, sometimes peace—sometimes both from the same song. As we
recognize Christ’s characteristics in the music that speaks to our souls, we can be led to a deeper relationship with Him and claim the peace & comfort He offers.

Financial Worries on Half a Brain: Understanding Investments Financial woes – One widow’s journey from confusion
and frustration to confidence.

Who can I trust with my investments? What is a fair and reasonable charge for someone
to manage my money? How do I know what fees I am paying? Being financially literate creates confidence and is a
key to financial success. Come learn foundational principles so you can better understand a variety of investment
techniques and strategies, which will build your confidence and help you more mindfully manage your money.

Making Memory Items

Making Money in Nontraditional Ways Avoid get-rich-quick schemes and high pressure sales! Learn real ways to supplement your income. Descriptions of dozens of companies that hire for online positions or allow you to work your
own hours.

Crucial Conversations on Money and Morality: Sifting through the “Fog”
Money and sex – keeping your bank account and morality intact. This workshop will address the real phenomenon of Widow’s Fog and the science behind it. It will
cover the perils and pitfalls of scammers and how to avoid their traps. You’ll hear from real widows and widowers with experience, as well as engage in a panel discussion with those who “know the ropes” of navigating through Widow’s Fog and how to stay safe. Please join us for real and raw conversations on money and morality and how to create an
environment safe from harm.

Recording Your Once Upon a Time Writing a personal history – whether your own or a loved one’s – can be a daunting prospect. This doesn’t need to be the reality, however. With a few tips and simple ideas you’ll discover that no matter your age or situation, writing your story is easy to do – just one story at a time.

Personal Writing Tips

What to Include in Your Story

Thinking Positively, Avoiding the Victim Mentality, and Finding Joy in Your Journey
Trials and hardships are something everyone has to face in this life. How we choose to view, deal with, and respond to those hardships is vital not only to
finding our own happiness and peace, but to helping our children do so as well. This class will focus on the importance of positive thinking, avoiding the victim mentality, and ways to find joy in your journey

Helping Children Become What They’re Meant to Become

Trust In the Lord: The Designer of the Beautiful Tapestry of Your Life There was a different plan, a different path that you envisioned for your life. You made decisions that led you on that road and you saw a very different future than you
now face. You didn’t choose this. This was not the life you thought you would be leading. And yet, here you are. What you may not see is that even though this path was not what you planned – God does have a plan. And trust me… piece by piece He is turning it into something pretty beautiful.

* Audio Recording

Healing from the Emotional Trauma of Grief
When we lose a spouse, everything changes, from minute details of our
lives to our relationships with others and the Lord, and we ourselves become very different people. With all these adjustments and the struggles that come with them (anxiety, depression, anger, confusion), there are things we still
have control of. This class will address using things we CAN control to make positive changes in our lives, and how, with the Savior’s help, we can begin to heal and move forward

How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk or Jerkette
As widows and widowers, we’re all on different grief journeys, but if you’re
beginning to think you could love again, or you’re in a relationship and wondering if this person is right for you, you
need this class. We will explore Dr. John Van Epp’s Relationship Attachment Model, and discover five essential steps
that can lead to forming safe and healthy relationships.

Dating Again – Practice safer dating skills by setting healthy boundaries, identifying red flags, learning the science
behind love and attraction, and knowing how to put your best self out there.

Finding a New You and Moving Forward after Loss
When a partner dies, life changes completely. Your identity is now
different, and your entire world may have been turned upside down. This workshop is designed to help participants
take steps toward healing, transformation, and self-discovery. Using exercises and resources that will help rediscover
dreams, desires, and strengths. Reviewing healthy coping skills that are important in resolving loss. All key processes
in adapting, rebuilding, and moving forward.

Sue’s Class Workbook