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Layne Williams
Tim Williams

Layne Nyberg Williams LE, CMLT, LSO

“Whatever you are, be a good one.

This quote by Abraham Lincoln pretty much sums up the personal and business philosophies of Layne  Nyberg Williams. She believes in greeting the world with her heart, eyes, and arms wide open. Her dedication and love of all things beautiful inspired and continues to fuel her decision to become an Aesthetician. Helping people look and feel their best is something that is wildly important to her. Her personality is warm, inviting, caring and fun.

She loves to laugh and can always be counted on for a clever and witty comment at the most inopportune moment. Her sense of humor, especially when coupled with her karaoke skills, make her someone with a gift to make even the most mundane tasks, fun.  

She has experienced great success building, branding and overseeing waxing salons for 8 years. In her spare time, she can be found further developing her many business ideas, acting as a freelancer developing other brands and businesses in different fields, designing digital marketing graphics, spending time with friends and family; and ideally, eating ice cream.

Timothy F. Williams

Tim is a caring and compassionate rebel at heart. 

His sense of integrity, kindness and love of serving others make him uniquely qualified to give great advice and talk anybody off any proverbial ledge. Tim believes that everyone is entitled to feel loved. His desire is that all people view themselves and each other in the highest light possible. With a wicked sense of humor, and non stop taste for adventure (and tacos), he’s always up for a good time. Laughing with Layne is his favorite. 

Spending time as an aviation mechanic and instructor for over 20 years, he is exceedingly patient. In business, he prides himself on fulfilling roles such as mentor, coach, and friend, all while teaching concepts that enrich lives, and sometimes even how to build helicopters. 

Tim loves to spend time outdoors camping, rockhounding, and hiking. As a keen backyard astronomer, he loves to stargaze with his handmade telescope and steal Layne’s ice cream when she’s not looking.

Together, they are building multiple businesses in Utah, Arizona, and Missouri. As the parents of a combined family, they’re slowly simmering 10 children (plus a son in law) with ages ranging from 26-8. 

They have each embraced their beautiful second chapter with faith, courage, and lots of naps. 

Keith Erekson

Keith Erekson

Keith Erekson is an author, teacher, and public historian who has published on topics including politics, hoaxes, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, and Church history. He grew up in Baltimore, served a mission in Brazil, and earned advanced degrees in history and business. He works for the Church History Department in efforts to encourage outreach and historical engagement.

Jennifer Mast

Jennifer Mast

Born in New Jersey, Jennifer met Rob in Idaho at Ricks College 1988. They enrolled at Utah State University in 1991. She received her BFA a few months before their son, Hayden, was born in 1995. They moved to Minnesota in 1997 to be closer to the Mast family as they raised Hayden. In 2015, a year and a half after sending their son to USU, an accident took Rob’s life, two days before Christmas. 

Up to that point, Jennifer’s biography included being a homeschooler, substitute teacher, freelance artist, writer, therapeutic riding stable volunteer, and holding every calling a woman could in a branch, from early morning seminary to Primary and Relief Society President. 

In February of 2017, Jennifer drove a 26,000lb moving truck back to her beloved mountains to become a mailman in Cache Valley. 

David, a former classmate living in NJ, became a long distance confidant 5 months after Rob passed. In 2019, David abandoned his lifelong east coast bachelorhood to become Jennifer’s Utah husband. They’ve enjoyed life together beyond what seems middle-aged-possible ever since; traveling voraciously, hiking mountain trails, and struggling to not take on more pets than they ought.

Jennifer hopes to encourage and inspire others by discussing boundaries and ambitions. Let us mourn, laugh and rejoice together, as we seek the Lord’s Hand in conquering our many Mount Everests.

Riley Crosbie

Riley Crosbie

Riley is the President of Adams Wealth Advisors and sits on the firm’s Management Committee. He is a Certified Financial Planner™, a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of Utah, and holds the NSSA certification, which makes him a specialist in social security retirement planning. Riley has been with Adams Wealth since 2015.

Riley prides himself on his ability to serve clients by helping them identify financial needs and their lifestyle goals. He works closely with advisors and team members across the business, developing and presenting financial plans and communicating our unique, and tailored investment strategies. He is incredibly grateful for the lasting and authentic relationships he’s built with the firm’s clients and families, his coworkers, and the Cache Valley Community.

Prior to joining Adams Wealth, Riley worked as an independent financial planner and a public accountant. He received his Master’s degree in Accounting, with an emphasis in Personal Financial Planning, from Utah State University.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude and served in leadership positions for the student chapter of the Financial Planning Association. 

Riley is passionate about his active role in the community. He volunteers weekly with the Cache Food Pantry’s Backpack Program, which provides packed breakfast and lunch for elementary age children, many of them from low-income families, to eat on the weekends while at home.

Riley and his wife, Whitney, are proud parents of three daughters.  They are devoted sports fans and love following their favorite teams.

Suzanne Sawyer

Suzanne Sawyer

Suzanne Sawyer is a nationally certified speech-language pathologist and the founder of Sawyer Speech and Language Therapy, LLC. After graduating with a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Brigham University, Suzanne now has more than 20 years experience treating individuals with a wide range of communication difficulties. She has worked in various clinical, school, and hospital settings, but has found private practice to be the most rewarding as she is able to educate and involve entire families in therapy. Suzanne believes that considering her client’s family life, emotional development, social implications, and self esteem are all vital for effective treatment.

After some members of her own family were diagnosed with ADHD several years ago, including her husband Kendall, Suzanne sought additional training in how to work with individuals on strengthening executive functions and emotional regulation. Besides benefiting her own family, helping both children and adults to improve in areas such as time management, working memory, stress tolerance, planning and prioritization, sustained attention, organization, and other executive functions has become a satisfying focus of her therapy sessions. Suzanne is passionate about helping others to move past the overwhelm and find peace in their lives.

These skills and tools were sorely put to the test, however, when Suzanne experienced severe “widow brain” after Kendall, her high school sweetheart and husband of 19 years, passed away in March 2021 following an intense seven month fight with a rare leukemia. (Didn’t help that her first month of widowhood included one of her children being diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition, they had the first of what would be 12 separate and mostly unrelated floods, her mother was dying of cancer, and she was in the middle of trying to expand her private practice…) She now has much greater empathy for her clients! Juggling being a solo parent for four amazing kids ages 10-17, running an ever-growing business, attending to her Church calling, playing in her handbell choir, doing speaking engagements, and even working on her book (that will be finished someday!), all have at times stretched her brain to its limits. She still says that she has “honestly never been happier,” or felt as much peace and joy in her life as she does now. Life is wonderful and meant to be enjoyed!

Joanna Morin

Joanna Morin

Joanna Morin is a Utah native but moved to Alabama when she was eight years old. She had a magical childhood there. Spending nearly every day playing in the woods behind her house. At age 14, Joanna moved back to Utah and later graduated from Hunter High School. 

Joanna was enrolled at The University of Utah as a pre-nursing student when she met her husband Nate. They married in 2002 and their oldest and only son was born two years later. Soon after, they moved to Meridian, ID so Nate could pursue a master’s degree in Tax Accounting at Boise State University. 

She and Nate stayed in the Treasure Valley for 16 more years and had four more children, all girls. Nate worked as a CPA and Joanna enjoyed the fulfillment of being a stay-at-home Mom. 

Joanna was widowed 3½ years ago (her youngest was not quite 2 yrs) when Nate passed away unexpectedly from suicide. 

She is currently taking the prerequisite classes for the Radiology Tech program through Weber State University with goals to continue with the bachelor’s program and become a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Sonographer. 

Joanna lives in Hyde Park (near Logan, UT) with her 4 daughters ages 16, 12, 9, and 5.  Her son (20 yrs) is currently serving in the Santa Ana, El Salvador Mission.

Joanna enjoys pretty much anything outdoors, especially camping, hiking, and snowshoeing. She loves the water and is becoming a certified scuba diver. Joanna also loves running, road trips, DIY, interior design, dancing, carpool karaoke, and most importantly, her family and the gospel.  

Heather Olson

Heather Olson

Heather Olson was born the second of five children in Torrance, CA. She grew up in Orem, UT, after her family moved there while she was in kindergarten. She enjoyed living another few years in California, where she graduated high school and attended three years of college. She took a break from school to serve a mission on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, where she enjoyed the sunshine, the people, the food, and the celestial Spanish language. 

After her mission, she returned to Orem, UT where her family had moved once again. She begrudgingly enrolled in classes at BYU for her senior year since it was the only in-state university that offered her major. She finished her college education and graduated in December 1999 with a BS degree in Human Development. 

It was during her time at BYU that she met her husband, Scott. They were married in June of 1999 and later welcomed five children into their home, one girl and four boys. They lived in American Fork, UT for twenty years and raised two of their children there.

Heather moved to Logan, UT in May of 2021, nine months after Scott passed away from colon cancer. She currently lives there with her three youngest sons, ages 17, 15 and 12. Since her husband’s diagnosis and eventual death, Heather has felt driven to help others in her same circumstance. She has found great strength through the widowed community and is thrilled to be presenting this class with her widowed bestie, Joanna, on How to Thrive Through Widowhood. 

Heather believes strongly that we need to live our lives to the fullest in whatever way we feel is possible. She loves to attend many social activities with her widowed friends, enjoy the outdoors (especially if there is water involved), scream her lungs out at her kids’ events, and attend the temple regularly.

Georgia Allred

Georgia Allred

Georgia is a speaker, wellness coach, and grief retreat producer who has a passion for providing tools & techniques that help others heal their grief, mend their hearts, and increase their capacity for joy.  Since losing her husband, David, to cancer 14 years ago and leaving an abusive second marriage, Georgia has dedicated her life to furthering her education and healing. She consistently works with coaches, trainers, and counselors. As a certified coach herself, she has been assisting clients for the past 8 years. In 2020, she completed her degree in Marriage & Family Studies. Working as a Children’s Advocate at a crisis center, and helping her children fight their own battles has given her a unique perspective on suffering and resilience. Georgia is a singer, dancer, mother, and best friend.  She’s always up for an adventure and enjoys nothing more than being with the people she loves… and she loves a lot of people!

Esther Reid

Esther Reid

Esther Reid lost her husband after a short yet intense battle with melanoma ten years ago when her children were 8 years, 2 years, and 5 months of age. She has a degree in Family Science with an emphasis in Human Development and a minor in Music. She has served on her school district’s Kindness Committee for several years and has helped in elementary and secondary schools to work with students on developing projects that promote prosocial behavior and healthy, positive environments for all children. She loves spending time with her children playing instruments, singing, hiking, paddle boarding, reading, and learning together.

Photo of Sharon Colyar
Sharon Colyar

Sharon Colyar

Hi everyone! My name is Sharon Colyar and I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach. After losing my husband to suicide, I put myself into the dating pool, only to make every mistake in the book! I began researching love and attraction almost a decade ago, first for my own benefit, then I turned it into a career to help other singles avoid the mistakes I had made. 

Now, 4 years after coaching, I am half of the Date to Your Potential Podcast team, AND I’ve been seen on two local TV shows: Studio 5 and Good Things Utah. Also, I have taught more than 40 dating classes on the Facebook page LDS Singles 31+. But, by far, my favorite classes to teach are at the W/W Conferences