Recordings from 2023
Camille Winward

Camille Winward is an Idaho farm girl who lives near Pocatello, Idaho. This coming May will mark six years on this bumpy widowhood path. She spends her weekdays with 8th graders torturing…er…teaching them the beloved subject of mathematics. She spends the weekends trying to keep up with the laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping needed for her six children, ages 7-17. She would much rather spend the weekends on a warm beach, or sliding down a snowy mountain with two long sticks strapped to her rather large feet. However, she does have summers off and loves to go visit the red rock and heat of Lake Powell in southern Utah. She currently has the best calling in the church of Primary Pianist, and really enjoys dance parties in the kitchen. It is rumored that Camille can be bribed with Reese’s peanut butter cups and/or Dr. Pepper. Or, if you’ve got a spare giraffe laying around, she might fall for that too.

Class Title: Picking Up the Pieces
Presented at: Salt Lake Conference
Year Presented: 2023

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