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Georgia Allred

Georgia is a speaker, wellness coach and grief retreat producer who has a passion for providing tools & techniques that help others heal their grief, mend their hearts, and increase their capacity for joy.  Since losing her husband, David, to cancer 14 years ago and leaving an abusive second marriage, Georgia has dedicated her life to furthering her education and healing. She consistently works with coaches, trainers and counselors. As a certified coach herself, she has been assisting clients for the past 8 years. In 2020, she completed her degree in Marriage & Family Studies. Working as a Children’s Advocate at a crisis center, and helping her children fight their own battles has given her a unique perspective on suffering and resilience. Georgia is a singer, dancer, mother, and best friend.  She’s always up for an adventure and enjoys nothing more than being with the people she loves… and she loves a lot of people!