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Grif Hiatt

Grif Hiatt, CPA,CFO  “Look Back and Thank God. Look Forward and Trust God”

He currently serves as the Stake President in the Salt River Stake in Mesa, Arizona. Grif and his wife, Brittny, have 5 children with the 3 youngest still at home. When he has extra time, he enjoys spending it with his family. His father passed away when he was 7 yrs old  and he was raised by his widowed mother and 5 siblings in Mesa, AZ.

President Hiatt’s church service has included being a Bishop, High Counselor, and Stake President. He really enjoys working with the youth of the church.  He works in a family office based in Mesa. He appreciates that his experiences in life have helped to shape his understanding of the Gospel, his direction in life, and his past, current and future opportunities.

Presenting at Arizona Regional | Arizona Keynote |
Conference Dates: November 01, 2024 - November 02, 2024