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Ruth Horsley

Ruth Horsley is a current student at BYUI finishing her bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family studies. At PG Cares, she oversees community education courses on protective factors for the families of Pleasant Grove, Utah. As a volunteer with the Sharing Place, she provides grief support for families with school-aged children who have had a family member die.

As a Family Life Educator, she intends to pursue a teaching career within a high school setting and become a life coach. During her free time, Ruth enjoys spending time with her husband John, his two sons Nate and Dave, and her five children, Lydia, Ethan, Liam, Isabel, and Sophia. Ruth and John have two sons serving missions and three children living at home. They have been remarried for 6 years. Ruth loves working with youth, learning, sharing her experiences, and sharing her testimony of Jesus Christ and everything He has done for her and her family.

Presenting at | Remarried Conference Workshop |
Conference Dates: April 18, 2024 - April 18, 2024