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Jennifer Dial

Jennifer Dial is the mother to 6 biological children, 2 bonus kids, and most importantly the proud “Gaga” to 7 perfect grand-babies. Jennifer has lived in the Austin Texas area for 32 years and spends much of her summer in Utah and California visiting her kids and grandchildren. She loves UT football (hook ‘em), floating in the pool, taking her grandkids on adventures, riding her electric bike, and traveling. Jennifer is a Realtor by profession and loves buying and renovating properties.

Thirteen years ago her sweetheart of 25 years, Rod, died suddenly in a kayaking accident. He was enjoying time with their 17-year-old daughter Nikka. Nikka was heroic in trying to save her Dad and she was not hurt. She was left to provide for and finish raising their 3 kids at home and 3 kids in college. With the help of Diet Coke, powdered sugar donuts, an army of loved ones, and her new friends in the widow + widower community Jennifer was able to step into the role of single parent with grace and love.

She has spent the last 13 years finding joy and solace in the gospel, memories of Rod, and her grandchildren. Four years ago Jennifer met Richard Timpson (shout out WW group). They were married right here in San Antonio! Jennifer and Richard found friendship and love together through laughs, spending time with their grandchildren, traveling, and caring for their cutest puppies.

The journey has not been all rosy, there have been some significant bumps and anguish along the way. Jennifer is open and brutally honest when she shares her journey.

Presenting at | San Antonio Keynote |
Conference Dates: May 18, 2024 - May 18, 2024