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Susie Rose

Jesusa Ramos Rose was born in the Philippine Islands. She attended Shafter High in Bakersfield California as a foreign exchange student and then returned home to attend the University of The Philippines. It was during her time at the university that she met and fell in love with a handsome young American Marine who swept her off her feet! They married in 1969 and moved back to the U.S., where they raised seven beautiful children. Unfortunately, her husband was diagnosed with Leukemia and 18 months later passed away. After this devastating loss, Jesusa felt empty and alone. 

Since the passing of her husband, she has learned that she still has so much living to do. Some of her accomplishments have been winning the state and national championships for powerlifting, qualifying her for the World Cup Powerlifting Competition. She has set four World Records. She also served in the Philippines Manila Temple for three years, returning to Utah in July 2021. Even with all those accomplishments in the past few years, her story has just begun – please join us as we hear about her amazing life and adventures!