Get to know our presenters

Brynn Clinger and Tiffany Skelton

Brynn was born and raised in Utah living the typical life. She graduated from Utah State, (Go AGGIES) in 2002, in Family Human Development, focusing on Youth counseling and social work. Brynn worked with high risk youth in the State Foster system in providing them with a more individualized plan in order for them to thrive where they were planted. Working with youth has always been a passion and priority in her life and has come in handy occasionally in helping her own children. 

Brynn married her boyfriend, Matt, in 2004 and together they took on the world. They are the co-creators of 5 Wild Clingers (4 teenagers and 1 who wants to be.) Matt would always blame the kids’ good looks on Brynn. Matt graduated from this life after an 18-month battle with a rare cancer, Extra Skeletal Osteosarcoma, in March of 2021, leaving Brynn to continue the development of their family here on earth. Close loss is an emotion Brynn knows all too well. Cancer took her mom in 2012 after a good 10 year fight and also took her dad, 6 months after losing Matt. Brynn was an orphan and a widow by age 41, but says she has more family than she could ever dream of. Family is who you invite into your life. Life is meant to be experienced and finding your why and your golden nuggets makes a difference on how rocky the road is traveled. She now lives in Centerville with her 5 kids and 2 dogs and calls it drowning with grace. 

Tiffany also grew up in Utah. She met her husband, Bryan, where they both worked (in different departments) at the Church Office Building. They were set up by a common friend on a blind date. 17 days, a driving lesson, and a trip to the temple later, they were engaged. 2 ½ months later they were married. It’s a great short story…literally that spans 20 years and includes 6 kids, 8 moves, 7 cars, 6 kids, 5 dogs, 4 fish, 3 degrees from 2 colleges, and a cat. 

Bryan struggled with autoimmune diseases and chronic pain for more than 15 of those years, but did his best to be an incredible husband, father, and provider. In September 2020 on their daughter’s 11 th birthday, Bryan died by suicide after his life-long struggle with mental health. Tiffany continued her way through school at this time. A year after he passed, Tiffany began her jam as a hospice chaplain…which she is convinced is the best job in the whole wide world. Helping her patients and their families have a positive and meaningful passing experience is one of the most rewarding experiences (aside from her dream job of Mom) in her life. 

Bryffany became “widow wives” after meeting at a superbowl party in 2022. It’s rare to find one without the other, unless they are working, shuttling their respective kids around, playing mom + dad, or attempting to sleep. They’re like a good PB+J…one makes the other better (although in hindsight, since Tiff is allergic to peanuts, we probably should have picked a different example lol). They have plans to build their dream homes next to each other complete with an adjoining porch and pool house, pool boy included. 

They have learned that having your person or people makes this adventure more tolerable and enjoyable because you don’t have to do it alone.Together they have found one another and continue to grow their self-claimed family. Applications will be made available during the class.