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Kirsty Stalder

When Kirsty was a young girl, her favorite thing to do was play “office”. She had a typewriter and Rolodex and stamp pad set up in the basement and would spend hours on her rotary phone making and receiving messages as a secretary. As Kirsty has grown, her love of organizing and helping other people has grown as well. Starting with a friend who purchased an island in the middle of the Yellowstone River, Kirsty helped her vacate warehouses and cement sheds and host the most massive, successful yard sale ever! Fast forward 22 years, Kirsty has organized dozens of yard sales, helped countless people, and enjoys minimizing and bringing peace to clients’ lives through organization. She is the mother of five and grandmother of one. Kirsty lives in American Fork with her family.

Presenting at | Remarried Conference Workshop |
Conference Dates: April 18, 2024 - April 18, 2024