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Tiffany Armstrong & Frank Leany

Tiffany has been educating and speaking for 23 years.  She has reached over 250,000 people around the world with her messages on personal safety, self defense and empowerment. 

In a nutshell, she survived sexual abuse as a child, 2 abusive marriages and an attack by a man who was wanted for 2 rapes and an attempted homicide…

and now she’s taking a stand to do everything in her power to ensure that other women, men and children don’t endure what she had to.

Frank Leany has been widowed for seven years. During that time he has used music to sustain and guide him along this new and often hard to navigate path. 

Seeing other people struggle has prompted Frank to work on a comprehensive approach to personal safety that goes beyond learning Karate Kid moves. His funnel approach to personal security could help you feel more safe and free to enjoy life without as much worry.

“The best math you can learn is how to calculate the future cost of current decisions.”

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Conference Dates: July 16, 2024 - July 16, 2024