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Scott Wardle

Brother Scott Wardle is the Associate Director at the University of Utah Institute of Religion. He has been a religious educator for 28 years and has enjoyed teaching both seminary and institute throughout the Salt Lake and Tooele Valleys.  One of his favorite assignments was teaching inmates in the Tooele County Jail for three years and being an advisor to the Tooele County Drug Court. 

Scott has been married to his best friend and amazing wife, Courtney for 27 years. They love traveling, family dinners, practical jokes, yard work and just being with their children, Emma and her husband Wyatt, Lauren and her fiancĂ© Porter and Jack, their favorite son. They both grew up in Sandy Utah. 

Brother Wardle graduated with a degree in Family and Human Development with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy, from Utah State University. In 1999 he earned a master’s degree in education and Curriculum Development. He currently is working toward a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership in Business. 

In 2006 Scott was elected to the Tooele City Council and served for 15 years. He was elected in 2020 to the Tooele County Council. He has served on various boards including the Tooele County Relief Service Board, Advisor to Tooele City Planning Commission, Tooele Valley Community Cooperative and Tooele Local Homeless Coordinating Committee, the United Way Tooele Leadership Council, Utah State University Tooele Campus Advisory Board, and The Tooele City Arts Council. He was appointed in 2022 by Governor Spencer Cox to the State of Utah Waste Management Radiation Control Board.